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The carpet industry emerged in the United States just before the 1800’s in Philadelphia with the first woven carpet mill. By the mid 1800’s, Erastus Bigelow invented the power loom for weaving carpets. By the late 1800’s the first broadloom carpet was created. Around this time, Dalton, Georgia was starting the beginning of what would be the “Carpet Capital of The World”. A native of Dalton, Catherine Whitener started making bedspreads after being inspired by a wedding gift. In a short amount of time, she was hiring other women in the community to keep up with the growing demand. Gradually, workers were coming from the small town into mills which created the rapid development of the tufting industry. In the 1930’s, the demand kept rising and the first tufting machine was created.

After the invention of the tufting machine, the production of bedspreads grew extremely large. The technology kept growing with the market and the first machine for developing rugs was created. Not long after that, broadloom carpet was being produced through a machine. Since the 1900’s, residential carpet has continued to evolve with the modern technology. Companies like Shaw, Engineered Floors, and Mohawk have innovated carpet made for REAL families that can withstand household mess. Drop and Go Floors took the modern technology in carpet and asked ourselves, “why do people still not chose carpet?” and developed EZ Lay Carpet PLUS. The first machine washable, stain resistant, waterproof, 100% recyclable, virtually seamless carpet that you can install yourself! Traditional carpet was made for perfect families with kids who do not spill their juice, dogs who don’t have accidents, and even adults who don’t spill their wine! Accidents were made for EZ Lay Carpet PLUS!

Whenever you get up in the morning and your feet touch the soft carpet, remember the rich history associated with it!

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