FriXtion Tabs for EZ Lay Carpet Plus



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FriXion Pads are a hook and loop pad that attaches your carpet to the subfloor. You do not need any glue or tape to install your Luxury Carpet Tiles. Our FriXion Pads grip firmly to the floor, until you're ready for them to come up. Then simply peel up your carpet and re-install it with ease. Replacement packs come with 14 FriXtion Tabs each.

Rectangular Room

If your room is a rectangle, this is as simple as measuring the length and width of your room and multiplying them together. Therefore if your room is 6 metres long and 3 metres wide, the area will be 18 metres square because 6 x 3 = 18

L-Shape Room

If your room isn’t rectangular, we recommend splitting it into rectangular sections. Multiply the width and length of each rectangle together to find the area. Then, add the areas of each rectangle together to find the total area. If you have an L shaped room, for example, this can be split into 2 rectangles.

Irregular Shaped Room

And if you’ve got a complicated room, this method still works. Simply split the room into as many rectangles as needed. Multiply the length and width of each rectangle to find the areas, then add them all together to find the total area. (Remember to jot down the measurements as you go along!)

Closet Measurement

Closets should be measured as their own separate rooms.

Doorway Measurement

Unless your room is entered by a step, all rooms have a doorway leading into them. Some rooms have additional doorways to closets and bathrooms. You must be sure to measure into the middle of the doorway. This will add 2 to 3 inches to your overall measurement. If you have a doorway at either end of the room, you may need to add up to 6 inches to the total room dimension.

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